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What Is Personal Injury Protection Coverage?

Posted on by datateam

After an accident, drivers rely on their insurance coverages to pay for damages associated with the collision. In some cases, the costs of an accident exceed the insurance cap set by a driver’s insurance carrier. After a driver reaches this … Continue reading

Filing a Claim Against Amtrak After Injury

Posted on by datateam

The last thing you expect when you walk onto an Amtrak train is to suffer a serious injury in some kind of accident. Yet this is the reality for hundreds of passengers every year. In 2018, the Federal Railroad Administration … Continue reading

Is a Verbal Agreement Legally Binding in California?

Posted on by datateam

When you enter into a contract with someone, you and the other party both have a legal responsibility to uphold each side of the deal. In a written contract, the details and provisions of the agreement are set in stone … Continue reading

What Is California’s “Comparative Fault” Law?

Posted on by datateam

Comparative fault is a negligence rule that states both parties can share fault for a single accident, and the plaintiff can still receive compensation. States abide by pure contributory negligence or comparative fault laws in the U.S. Most states have … Continue reading

What Happens If You Hit a Car That Is Illegally Parked?

Posted on by datateam

Hitting another vehicle, no matter the circumstance, will constitute negligence if a reasonable and prudent driver would have been able to avoid the collision. If someone parked the vehicle you struck illegally, however, the other driver may at least share … Continue reading

California Abandoned Car Laws

Posted on by datateam

An abandoned car is one the owner has forsaken on public or private property for at least 72 hours. Abandoned cars are typically damaged, inoperative, or dismantled. The state of California has taken a stance against abandoned cars. It believes … Continue reading

Collision Repair Laws & Regulations 2019

Posted on by datateam

After a car accident in California, one of your main priorities is probably to repair damages to your motor vehicle. You might be using a rental car in the meantime to get to work while your car is in the … Continue reading

Long Term Effects of a TBI & How this Affects Your Settlement

Posted on by datateam

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most severe and unpredictable injuries a person can experience. No two brain injuries are alike; two people could sustain very similar TBIs and experience vastly different effects. Some people make full … Continue reading

How Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

Posted on by datateam

Virtually every personal injury attorney will tell a client to avoid social media for the duration of a lawsuit, and for good reason. Social media posts are essentially public statements. You cannot claim a social media post is private property … Continue reading

What Are the Car Inspection Laws in California?

Posted on by datateam

Every vehicle owner in California must meet the state’s requirements when it comes to regular inspections. A car requires an inspection before the owner may register it in California, and California inspection requirements focus almost exclusively on emissions standards rather … Continue reading

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