San Diego Rape Statistics by Neighborhood 2018

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Every local jurisdiction of California tracks reported crimes and publishes regular reports of their findings. This helps lawmakers identify potential areas of legislative improvement and informs citizens of the risks they face in their areas. The January 2018 to November 2018 crime report for San Diego includes statistics concerning the number of reported rape incidents in San Diego neighborhoods. Consider the following reporting numbers and assess your personal level of risk in your area so you can take appropriate steps to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Reported Rapes in San Diego by Neighborhood

San Diego Reported Rapes by Neighborhood

The following list shows the number of reported rape incidents from different neighborhoods in the San Diego area:

  • Pacific Beach: 28 incidents
  • Hillcrest: 24 incidents
  • East Village: 21 incidents
  • North Park: 18 incidents
  • Mira Mesa: 15 incidents
  • Logan Heights: 15 incidents
  • Core-Columbia: 13 incidents
  • Midway District: 12 incidents
  • Barrio Logan: 10 incidents
  • Linda Vista: 10 incidents
  • San Ysidro: 10 incidents
  • Gaslamp: 9 incidents
  • Bay Terraces: 7 incidents
  • Ocean Beach: 7 incidents
  • Colina Del Sol: 7 incidents
  • Mountain View: 5 incidents

There were a total of 557 reported rape incidents in San Diego between January 2018 and November 2018. One of the most troubling aspects of these numbers is the fact that every single listed neighborhood witnessed an increase in the number of reported rape incident from the previous recording period. The most notable increase occurred in Hillcrest, reporting 24 incidents from January 2018 to November 2018 compared to only 10 during the previous reporting period.

Safety and Self-Defense Tips

Anyone living in a San Diego neighborhood with a worrying number of reported rapes and other sexual assaults should take steps to avoid becoming a victim of these incidents. Rape commonly occurs between known individuals and acquaintances, but it can also occur between complete strangers.

  • When drinking in a public place keep your drink with you at all times. If you suspect that anyone has tampered with your drink or if you leave it unattended for any amount of time, discard it. Date rape drugs are fast-acting and can leave a victim unconscious and vulnerable.
  • Self-defense laws in California are extremely limited compared to other states. Generally, California allows the use of force in self-defense only if the victim has no ability to retreat. If he or she does need to defend him or herself from imminent danger, he or she may not use any more force than is required to stop the danger. Despite this, taking self-defense classes or learning martial arts can empower anyone to build valuable and useful skills that may potentially stop a sexual assault.
  • Anyone who qualifies for a concealed carry permit in California may use any and all means to resist a threat of serious harm. Due to the potential effects of a sexual assault on the victim’s physical and psychological health, California courts generally uphold that an imminent threat of rape and/or serious physical injury from a sexual assault constitutes grounds for the use of deadly force in self-defense.
  • Many affordable and accessible smartphone applications and even wearable devices can help keep you safe in high-crime areas. Some apps will send automatic warnings when location data indicates the smartphone user is entering a high-crime area. Others can enable a phone’s video camera and alarm system automatically when needed. Discreet wearable devices often resemble jewelry, allowing easy access to simple yet effective alert systems.
  • Use a buddy system or keep friends or family informed about your movements. This helps establish a timeline in the event someone attempts to victimize you. If your friends and family know where you are and where you plan to go it will be much easier for the authorities to locate you in an emergency.

Ultimately, San Diego has witnessed a marked increase in the number of reported rapes and sexual assaults in recent years, and everyone living in the San Diego area must take appropriate steps to ensure personal safety. Anyone with questions about local self-defense laws or more specific guidance for avoiding rape in the San Diego area should speak with the local police department.