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JUUL Health Risks

Posted on by datateam

JUUL is a brand of electronic cigarette that has outsold many of its competitors in recent years. It is especially popular among young users due to its inconspicuous appearance, rechargeable battery and candy-flavored cartridges. Unfortunately, JUUL use among teens and … Continue reading

Can My Doctor Prescribe Non-FDA Approved Drugs?

Posted on by datateam

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the government entity responsible for protecting consumers from defective and dangerous food, medications, cosmetics, medical devices and other products. The FDA works hard to evaluate new items for potential health or safety concerns, … Continue reading

Monsanto To Pay $80 Million in Roundup Cancer Case

Posted on by datateam

Monsanto is one of the largest companies in the world, and no stranger to public scrutiny. The mega-corporation offers various industrial and agricultural products used in commercial farming and manufacturing. The company’s flagship product is Roundup, a highly effective weed … Continue reading

What Is Failure to Warn in a Defective Product Claim?

Posted on by datateam

When you purchase a product in San Diego, you expect the product to perform without any defects or dangers to you. If you are supposed to use the product in a cautious manner, you expect the manufacturer to warn you … Continue reading

How Vaping Could Lead to Popcorn Lung

Posted on by datateam

E-cigarettes now make up a billion-dollar industry in the United States, growing increasingly popular every year. Touted as a safer alternative to cigarettes and a method to reduce a person’s dependence on cigarettes, many consumers mistakenly believe that vaping is … Continue reading

Manufacturing Defects vs. Design Defects

Posted on by datateam

Product manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the end users to purchase and use their products. While some products like cutlery, lawn equipment, and motor vehicles are inherently dangerous in their intended uses, product manufacturers must ensure … Continue reading

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