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New Year’s Drunk Driving Accident Statistics and Trends

As New Year’s festivities approach, it’s important to remind ourselves about the seriousness of drunk driving. It is a reminder that bears repeating, and can save your life and the lives of others.

If you are drinking, secure alternative transportation before you head out on New Year’s Eve. If you are not drinking, remain vigilant about the actions of others if you go out driving.

Consider these statistics and facts about drunken driving:

  • January 1st is actually the worst time for drunk driving and accidents caused by drunk drivers.
  • Those still suffering from hangovers may get behind the wheel of a car not thinking that they may still be considered intoxicated if pulled over.
  • January 1st has even topped July 4th in drunk driving arrests.
  • Our advice is to stay inside and sleep in on New Year’s Day to avoid any drunk driving confrontations on the road.
  • More than half of roadside fatalities on New Year’s Day in 2012 involved drunk driving.
  • A standard drink is all an average person can metabolize per hour. A 12 oz. beer, a 5 oz.
  • glass of wine, and a 1.5 oz. shot are all considered one standard drink.
  • Twenty-eight people in the US die every day due to drunk driving accidents.
  • The US spends $199 billion annually on drunk driving associated costs.
  • There is no fast way to sober up.
  • Chances are high that you will be involved in a drunk driving accident during your life – 2 out of 3 people are.
  • Drunk drivers who are arrested have likely driven drunk as many as 80 times before the first time they face arrest.

Stay safe this New Year’s with these tips:

  • Don’t let anyone get behind the wheel of a car if you know he or she has been drinking.
  • While remaining calm, suggest alternatives. Secure the person’s keys, and if you can’t stop someone, call law enforcement.
  • Never get in the car with a driver who has been drinking.
  • If you see suspicious driving activity, call law enforcement.
  • Make sure friends who come over and plan to drink have a safe ride home.
  • Keep the number of a taxi service or other transportation app handy.

Don’t become a statistic this New Year’s. While the number of drunk driving accidents has been cut in half since the 1980s, over 10,000 people die every year from drunk driving–related accidents. Driving drunk is not worth the embarrassment, shame, and price you will pay for being caught – ask anyone who has faced legal action due to a drunk driving incident.

And for all the terrible things that can happen when a person drives drunk, remember that study after study has shown that texting while driving can be as much as 6 times as dangerous as driving drunk. So while you are watching your keys this holiday, be sure you are just as vigilant about your friends texting while driving.

If you’ve been injured in a drunk driving accident or lost a loved one, call our San Diego car accident attorneys immediately to explore your options and fight for just compensation.

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