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Rear-end accidents are common in San Diego. Severe rear-end accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, some of which could affect a victim for life. Even a low-speed rear-end collision could cause debilitating injuries such as whiplash. If someone rear-ended your vehicle in San Diego and you sustained personal injuries, please contact the local rear-end accident lawyers at Liljegren Law Group for a free consultation. You may be eligible for financial compensation.

Why Choose Liljegren Law Group?

  • Our car accident attorneys have years of experience handling all types of auto accident claims, including rear-end car accidents. We have the power to negotiate minor to catastrophic rear-end collisions, as well as wrongful death claims in San Diego.
  • Our results speak to our passion and commitment. We have obtained impressive settlements and case verdicts for past clients through hard work and dedication. We always tailor our legal strategies for the best possible results per client.
  • Our San Diego law firm does not charge for car accident cases unless we win. We believe in providing peace of mind during claim negotiations rather than adding to a crash victim’s financial burden. Call (619) 460-0109 to learn more about our fees.

What You Need to File a Rear-End Accident Lawsuit

Not all rear-end accidents will give you the right to file an accident lawsuit, even if you suffered injuries. The other driver (or another party) must bear fault for your collision. If an investigation finds you 100% at fault for the crash, you may not have the right to file a claim. If, however, someone rear-ended you or you contributed to the crash by less than 100%, you may have a case. You will need to have suffered compensable damages, such as vehicle damage or personal injuries, to bring a claim. Without specific damages, you will not have a reason to file.

Before you file a lawsuit, you may also need an injury attorney. While you can technically file on your own, this may not work in your favor. Rear-end accident cases can be complex, with allegations as to your comparative fault and complicated insurance laws. Hiring a lawyer can enable you to navigate related laws and fight for fair compensation through all available outlets. Your lawyer can maneuver an insurance claim or the court system on your behalf while you concentrate on healing.

Causes of Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end collisions can cause soft-tissue injuries, muscle strains, broken bones, head injuries, brain injuries and many other injuries. Most rear-end accidents are preventable. They occur when one or more drivers break the rules, drive negligently or drive recklessly. The at-fault driver may be liable for injuries and damages if the victim can prove fault.

  • Driver distraction
  • Driver fatigue
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Speeding
  • Following too closely
  • Road rage
  • Congested traffic
  • Vehicle mechanical failure

If the driver that rear-ended you was distracted or tailgating at the time, he or she could be financially responsible for your losses. It may take an investigation of your rear-end accident to determine fault and name the defendant(s).

Proving Fault and Liability

Before the courts in California will grant you a verdict or an insurance company will offer a settlement, you or your injury lawyer will need to prove the defendant’s liability. Proving fault takes evidence that the other driver broke the rules of the road, drove distracted or otherwise caused the collision. An attorney can help you gather proof in the form of evidence such as crash reconstruction, photographs, eyewitness statements, police reports, vehicle damages, the speeds of both vehicles and other information.

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If you recently suffered an injury in a San Diego rear-end collision accident, contact our San Diego injury attorney, Scott liljegren to find out if you have grounds for a lawsuit. We can help you negotiate with insurance claims adjusters and/or take your case to court for fair compensation. We know precisely how to handle rear-end accident claims for the best possible results. Call (619) 460-0109 to request your free consultation today.

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