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San Diego is home to one of the oldest trolley systems in the US. The fire engine red trolleys are an icon in the city and provide transportation and sightseeing activities to hundreds of thousands of travelers every day. Coaster trains link up the downtown district with coastal neighborhoods and are free for residents and visitors alike. The Sprinter light rail is the fastest, non-vehicle route between 15 different stations here.

How a San Diego Train & Trolley Accident Attorney Can Help

Injury from a train or trolley accident could leave you paying surmounting medical bills and fighting for insurance claims when you need to focus on getting well. A personal injury claim can help you receive compensation to cover your medical expenses, ongoing treatment, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity, and your pain and suffering.

Contact an experienced train and trolley accident attorney to get the help you need (619) 460-0109 . Liljegren Law Group offers free consultations.

To minimize the impact of an injury on your quality of life, you’ll need a personal injury attorney who is qualified to fight for your rights after a trolley or train accident. Contact the a San Diego train accident attorney at Liljegren Law Group in San Diego for a free case evaluation. We are very familiar with laws and statutes that govern trains and trolleys in Southern California.

Our San Diego train accident lawyers specialize wholly in personal injury law, increasing our abilities to successfully represent you in a trolley or train accident case. You can rest assured knowing your case is in the hands of compassionate and highly skilled professionals when you come to Liljegren Law Group for all of your personal injury needs.

Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

A variety of parties may be liable for your or your loved one’s injuries. From mechanical failure to improper signaling, these parties may be responsible for the negligent act that caused the accident:

  •  Train companies
  •  Maintenance companies
  •  Engineers
  •  Rail authorities
  •  Manufacturing companies

Liability standards for the operation of trains and trolleys are generally stricter than those of other vehicles to ensure the highest regard for safety is taken. Any number of factors may contribute to injury or death when traveling by train or trolley.

Common Train or Trolley Injury Locations

Unprotected line crossings are most often the locations where accidents occur. Accidents may be the result of the following:

  •  Collisions with other trains and trolleys, motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians
  •  Poor line maintenance
  •  Negligence in parking a train or trolley
  •  High speeds
  •  Lack of communication about conditions

Train Accident Statistics

The amount of traffic that the train and trolley systems of San Diego move each day increases the likelihood of accidents. The number of accidents involving trains and trolleys in the San Diego area in the last several years has risen. Due to the large size of trains and trolleys, minor mistakes can turn into life-altering accidents. Passengers have even been hurt inside the cars when trains and trolleys suddenly brake. Bystanders and line workers may also be injured in a train or trolley accident.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, fewer than 25% of crossings for trains are not well marked. The Federal Railroad Administration cites over 3,000 accidents caused by trains per year. Even though the chance of being injured in a train or trolley accident is small in comparison to automobile accident risks, the resulting injuries can be far more devastating. You’ll need qualified legal advice of a San Diego train and trolley accident attorney to determine your eligibility to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Trolley Claims vs. Train Claims

The laws that govern the operation and care of trains and trolleys may seem to be the same on the surface. However, trains and trolleys operate in entirely different ways, and the laws that dictate trains and trolleys also differ. For instance, train accident cases are usually handled in a federal court, particularly if a line crosses state borders. Recovering non-economic damages from a trolley accident generally is not restricted, unless local ordinances impose them.

If you were injured on a train or a trolley system in San Diego contact a train accident attorney today and get compensation for your damages.

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